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How can you support our mission?

While it's obvious that as a small nonprofit organization, we depend on donations and membership, participation is key to our success. Your participation might take the simple form of communicating with us — and others — your thoughts and feelings about historical discoveries. It could also manifest by visiting our museum during open houses, attending sponsored events, or interacting with us and others on social media. Alternatively, you might be able to put into practice a personal skill — consider volunteering! (See our list of areas in which we could use help.)

Become a member

We offer various tiers for membership. Download and complete the form, and return it to us (with check included) at:

Salisbury Historical Society

P.O. Box 5131

Salisbury MA 01952


Whether you wish to contribute time and effort to a single project, or you have a particular skill or interest, we have a broad array of areas in which we could use your help.


Beyond day-to-day operations, we always are mindful of where we wish to be heading. Here are some of the projects we hope to accomplish. If one of them "speaks to you", consider making a donation to support that goal.

  • Establish a "Research Room"

  • Evaluate and Display our "Methodist Ladies' 'Scenes of Salisbury' Quilt"

  • Implement a Plan of Conservation & Preservation for our collections.

  • Arrange for a Speaker Series

Volunteer with Us
Which day(s) are you available?

Thanks for applying to volunteer with us! We'll get back to you soon.

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